Prestigious Sikorsky (3rd) 2013 Entrepreneurial Challenge Award

The prototype was demonstrated to Sikorsky at their world headquarters in Connecticut United States at the finalist’s evaluation. Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd was the only finalist to receive an award that year.

Create The Future Design Contest 2018 Honorary Mention Aerospace

An Honorary Mention for the Aerospace & Defense Category for Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd’s Green Clean Game Changing Technology was awarded. The Honorary Mention was number two, one ahead of NASA.

From worldwide submissions this award was the only Australian company in the top 100.

This is an excellent achievement and shows that the technology is understood, and its potential is envisioned with seventy-three judges giving worldwide judication.

Please check out the Web Site for more details.  

Finalist at the Australian Aerospace & Defence Exposition’s National Innovation Awards, Civil Industry.

Finalist at the International Maritime Exposition Pacific 2015 Sydney, Industry Innovation Awards.

Semi-Finalist at the Australian Technology Competition 2016.

Autodesk Entrepreneur Impact Partner for VForce® Green Technology.


Fujian Brumby Aircraft Manufacturing Company China

The following is a joint statement by Brumby Aircraft Australia Pty Ltd, China Aviation Industry Corporation (AVIC) and Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd. Brumby Aircraft Australia Pty Ltd and Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd are evaluating the use of  VForce® flap deployment mechanism for use in the four seat Brumby AirCruiser. Successful evaluation will incorporate the mechanism in production aircraft. Brumby have signed a joint venture agreement with the giant AVIC to manufacture the AirCruiser in the second stage of their joint venture. Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd will leverage off this so as to introduce the mechanism to other AVIC aircraft plus other aircraft manufacturers. I have returned from a visit to the joint venture manufacturing facility in China where I gave a presentation on the VForce® technology.

The University Of Sydney’s School of Aerospace, Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering

The fixed wing prototype was demonstrated to Dr KC Wong and other lecturers with the technology being well received. A proposal was submitted to the University for the Faculty to provide additional engineering input to further develop the prototyping and theoretical results for the various applications of the invention. Dr Wong has replied “I’m exploring mechanisms that we can proceed with this potential partnership, so let’s keep the conversations active. Looking forward to a mutually affirmative partnership”. This is a significant endorsement of the VForce® Technology from one of the world’s leading universities.

The innovations competitive advantage

The technology provides an estimated 11% fuel saving, over double that of Aviation Partners Boeing’s jet fuel saving with their Winglets. On the 3rd March 2019 the fuel saving was 9.4 Billion US Gallons since the introduction of the Winglets as per their website ( This equates to an estimated $1.4 million US dollars saving per day in fuel plus reduction in emissions. With the VForce® technology this fuel saving will exceed $3.4 million US dollars per day. Elegant clean lines of the wings without flap fairings result in a more streamlined attractive aircraft. A reduction in risk failure is attained due to simplified mechanism with less moving parts and components.

The working prototype meets DOD / NASA / FAA Technology Readiness Level Six (TRL 6). The prototype uses the Compound Motion Structures as identified in the patent and is typical for Fixed Wing Aircraft, Rotorcraft, Marinecraft and Windpower. The patents above give IP protection, industry recognition, business credibility and longevity.

The game changing impact

The European Union’s Clean Sky program has environmental performance targets of a 20-40% reduction in fuel burn and related emissions. VForce® renewable energy technology will be a significant contributor in meeting those targets. The flap/slat mechanism can also be retro-fitted to existing commercial aircraft including light aircraft. It is Gamechanger Technologies Pty Ltd’s aim to set up license agreements and/or partnerships with Aircraft, Rotorcraft, Marinecraft and Windpower manufactures to incorporate VForce® Deployment and Morphing Technology. The technology is game changing and disruptive.